snoop litter box air purifier

snoop litter box air purifier

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 NEUTRALIZES AMMONIA - kills bacteria and harmful molecules that are released every time your pets go to the "bathroom". Negative ions purify the air and neutralize bacteria, ammonia and other viruses around the litter box

 NEUTRALIZES LITTER SMELL with its composite plant filter. No more stinky litter boxes! 

 GLUES TO THE WALL - no drilling needed! Just clean the wall and attach the glue stickers with the purifier to the wall!

• ECO-FRIENDLY and safe to use. Filters are made from natural composites, releasing negative ions to purify indoor air around the litter box 

• REDUCES DUST PARTICLES by sucking them through its noiseless fans and composite filters

• INFRARED MOTION SENSOR will ensure that the purifier works only when needed. The sensor will register when your pet goes to the litter and turn on the deodorizer to clean the air

 BATTERY OPERATED - 3x AAA batteries can keep the purifier juiced for up to 3 months under normal working conditions

• 1 FILTER = 3 MONTHS of clean air. Every purifier comes with one filter that will keep you going for 3 months! 

 • SUBSCRIBE FOR FILTER DELIVERIES - With our filter subscription, you will never have to worry about the filters ever again! We will send you a replacement filter every 3 months directly to your mailbox!

Features 3 LED warning lights for battery replacement, filter replacement as well as a working status LED. The infrared motion sensor detects when the pets enter the litter box and turns on the noiseless fans to purify the air and ionize the area around the litter box. Negative ions can kill bacteria, viruses, clean the air and collect the litter dust particles.

Composite plant filters, made out of recyclable natural materials neutralize the smell, as well as help clean the air around the litter. Under normal working conditions, the filters can last for up to 90 days!

Winner of the Golden Pin Design Award!

Additional Notes: 

- 3x AAA Batteries are not included!
Deodorizer comes with one filter included!