Our Story

About Our Founder

Lisa Rong is the owner of a women's clothing workshop, and there are many people in her town who know how to sew like her. They have fashion eyes that keep up with the trend and their own unique insights, and they can integrate the current fashion elements into their own clothes.
In order to make their work available to more people, Lisa Rong as the founder, she organized these people to set up BestDealFriday.

BestDealFriday was founded in 2019. BestDealFriday is a comprehensive shopping website integrating Fashion Clothes. Inspire by and created for the most vibrant, fun, and fearless shopper all over the world. Since our inception, we've built an incredible community of shoppers who move forward in confidence, comfort, and satisfaction.

Our Mission

“Everyone can discover the joy of life, the beauty of fashion”
BestDealFriday prides itself on offering to interest, convenient and fashion ideas catering to both those who pursue the quality of life and those who love life, that won’t break the bank. BestDealFriday adheres to the concept that “Everyone can discover the joy of life, the beauty of fashion”. BestDealFriday is able to stay on top of the latest trends from around the globe while rapidly bringing these ideas to market. It aims to promptly offer Great value for money products at appealing prices to every user in the world.

Our Philosophy

One place to shop everything!
While you shop around so many stores, over the time, some stores become your favorite and after a while you just stop going to other stores. Everything you can ever want is available at one store.
That’s the idea of creating this “Best Deal Friday”, get everything you need plus great deals to make your pocket happy.

Our Guiding Principle

Customer is the king!
Your needs and interests are the number one priority. We strive to provide you with fun and inspiring products that help you present your best self to the world. The fashion apparel we offer you are sold in the finest quality, construction and use. We offer the lowest prices for products on our website. We've removed the pomp and gimmick from our operations to save you even more.

How we developed

In 2020, we organized 23 workshop owners, and through continuous planning, we pushed the clothes that conform to the current fashion to the coastal areas of the United States, and we got good feedback. It provided us with confidence for greater success.

Our Goal

Your happiness & satisfaction!
We believe that our product is a powerful statement of creativity, personal use, and interests. With that note, we make sure we meet every inch of your requirements to help you gain the most out of our products. We take pride in our superior customer service. Nothing is more important to us than to listen your reviews on our products. Contact us about a product you have purchased, share your experience (good or bad). We’ll do whatever it takes to make your buying experience wonderful.

For several years now online shopping has been synonymous with shopping convenience. More shoppers are now being lured to shop online rather than head to the nearest local stores or malls because of the convenience it offers.  

Online shopping platforms like Bestdealfriday offers a client a shopping experience of a lifetime. People are flocking our site because they now have the convenience of doing their shopping at home – where one can get better prices, where they can have a variety of products to choose from and even get to compare prices at the click of the mouse. One of the most important thing that we can provide you are shopping discreetly for any items your heart may desire. There would be no prying eyes looking at you and you can do it at the comfort of your own home.  And if you are like most people that hate crowded places – there is no crowd! There is absolutely no need to huddle with people. Plus, we shipped your purchased items rights at your doorstep. What can be better than that?

When you do your shopping at our site, we can assure you that your safety is one of our utmost concern. We can assure you that we value the privacy of our shoppers. You can always get in touch with us for any concern.

Because our shoppers are important to us, we are continuously improving our site. Because we want you to have the best experience. For any comment or suggestion on how we can better or site. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at:

24 hours online customer service: help@bestdealfriday.com