magic emery nano sponge
magic emery nano sponge
magic emery nano sponge
magic emery nano sponge
magic emery nano sponge
magic emery nano sponge
magic emery nano sponge
magic emery nano sponge
magic emery nano sponge
magic emery nano sponge

magic emery nano sponge


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Ever hope for a household cleanser that can do all the cleaning work? We have the ultimate solution for you. Read on to find out why you just need ONE item to solve all your cleaning problems.  



Introducing our Magic Emery Nano-Sponge! 

  • What is EMERY? Emery, or corundite, is a dark granular mineral used to make abrasive powder. 

  • What is EMERY Nano-Sponge and why it is so GOOD? Well, we mix in emery with in-house developed Nanolons and other minerals into the sponge. Our team of engineers and researchers has been diligently trying to find the perfect balance of Emery Sponge to solve ALL household's problem; cleaning!


Why We Highly Recommend Every Household Should Have This Sponge?

  1. It cleans quickly without scratching surface. 

  2. It is so comfortable to hold (is not rough to hold, gentle to your delicate hand) and easy to maintain shape.

  3. Even with a small amount of detergent, it can easily foam (can you imagine the $ you save from buying so much detergent?!)

  4. Did we mentioned that because Emery is a type of mineral, together with combination of other minerals used, this Emery Nano-Sponge is Antibacterial too! You can re-use it for up to 100x. Is even safe to use in the dishwasher!

  5. Emery coated on all four-sided on the sponge using high-quality viscose making it superior scratch-free cleaning and is is proven to be 50% longer lasting than traditional cleaning sponges. Woohoo! Great savings there!

  6. With this Emery Sponge it is so much easier to remove all kinds of hard scales and is widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, outdoor dishes, basins, cars, glass, tables, wash basins, and many more!

      What are you waiting for? Buy this Magic Emery Nano-Sponge today and solve all your cleaning problems. It is also more environmental-friendly as it last much longer than ordinary sponges and uses lesser detergents.


      More about our MAGIC Emery Nano-Sponge

      • Introducing the 5th Generation emery nano-sponge which is the ultimate upgraded version Emery sponge. The sand layer is thicker, with less sand and longer life, yet it DOESNT harm the surface. Isn's that amazing?

      • This sponge is user-friendly, safe and reliable to use. It is made with high density foam which is wear-resistant, best for pot descaling without causing damage to your precious utensils! Use it without fear on your fine dining ware and cooking utensils.

      • The friction from the sponge is minimal yet still able to give very good cleaning results. You can use it on a wide variety of surfaces such as table top, ceramic top, chopping board, non-stick surface, stainless steel surface, cast iron surface or even glass!  This sponge is able to clean all these materials and surface with ease.

      • The main reason why this 5th Generation sponge works wonderfully is because of the improved Emery Nano material used. Through many rounds of R&D done, we have manage to come out with this material combination that is strong and tough to stain yet gentle to all surfaces. Bid goodbye to old stubborn stains and give your kitchen / bathroom a new look!

      • Our Emery Nano-Sponge surface has large friction, durable, does not degumming, and it has strong water absorption. 



      Specification of Sponge:

      1. Size: 100 x 70 x 25mm

      2. Random color sponge will be delivered depending on stock. Either brown or black works the same.

      3. Package is for 1 piece of sponge.

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