solar powered battery bank wireless charger

solar powered battery bank wireless charger

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Solar Powered Battery Bank - Wireless Charger

If your like any of us, you use your phone constantly throughout the day.

  • Texting and calls
  • GPS navigation
  • Social media
  • Googling information
  • Banking
  • Emergency calls and more...

It's our lifeline.

When your phone dies, it's back to the stone age.

You need something that can last you days on end in an emergency.

Something that can charge your phone over and over again on a single battery charge.

Introducing the Solar Powered Battery Bank - Wireless Charger

It's a massive 6,000 mAh battery that can charge the average smartphone TWO TIMES OVER!

And when the Solar Powered Battery Bank - Wireless Charger finally depletes? Either plug it into an outlet, or utilize it's 4 solar panels to recharge fully from the sun!

It's great for bringing outdoors while camping, fishing, hiking, hunting and more.

It also makes an essential emergency kit addition. Keep one in your vehicle or bugout bag at all times and never be left without power again.

✅ SOLAR POWER: Charge from the sun with 4 individual solar panels that generate 5.5W of electricity.
✅ WIRELESS CHARGING: Forget your charging cable? No problem! In addition to the 2 USB ports, you can also place your phone on the device to begin charging wirelessly!
✅ DUAL CHARGING: Plug in and charge two phones at once!
✅ WATER & DROP RESISTANT: The rubberized shell keeps the electronic components safe from water, dust and drops.
✅ QUALITY MATERIAL: Leather outer casing and efficiently engineered solar panel fold-up design.
✅ BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT: Bright emergency flashlight with multi-mode function.


Grab your Solar Powered Battery Bank - Wireless Charger today and stay charged under any emergency situation!

Technical Specs:

  • 4 solar panels
  • Solar power: 5.5W
  • 6,000 mAh battery bank
  • Dual USB charging
  • QI wireless charging
  • USB type-c charging
  • Input: 5V/2A \ Output: 5V/2A&2A
  • Charges all smartphone devices and tablets
  • Solar charging time: 12 hours in direct sunlight
  • Weight: 13.1 oz
  • Dimensions: Closed size 6.13 x 3.38 x 1.25 inches / Open length 13.88 inches