nonest cockroach eliminator gel

nonest cockroach eliminator gel

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If your home is plagued by a large swarm of disgusting cockroaches, your first instinct may be to call for an exterminator... but that may not be the best solution. Aside from it being expensive, Pest control services may not be as effective as they advertise. If you live in an apartment and the exterminator does not fumigate every unit in your building, these creepy crawlies will simply move to the other units until the fumes die down and when they come back to your apartment, they may even bring along their new friends! Try the Cockroach Eliminator Gel.

Using a scientifically formulated carbo bait, this Cockroach Eliminator Gel is guaranteed to eliminate roaches fast—and for good. It uses a food-based formula to attract species of cockroaches, to eat and bring back to their nest and share among their colony, this way roaches are destroyed, without noxious fumes or unsightly, disgusting traps. It comes in a gel form that can be squeezed through its built-in applicator to cracks and crevices that roaches frequent.


  • Gets to work immediately - lasts until the whole nest is eliminated.
  • Eliminates ALL cockroaches in the nest the first time around, and they will never return.
  • Professional Grade Bait Formula.
  • Uses Bitter Taste Technology to ensure full safety for family and pets.
  • Easy application and storage.


  • Package Includes: 1 x NoNest Cockroach Eliminator Gel
  • Formulation: Gel